Sunday Stills – Potluck

I’ve been missing from Sunday Stills for the past couple of weeks – life got ahead of me! This week, the theme is Potluck – whatever we want, so when we took a walk to see the floodwaters of the Calavon river, I took a few shots which I will share here.

First of all, here’s one I took for “The Number Seven” a couple of weeks (eek actually four!) ago and didn’t get around to posting.  I was quite pleased with this…

…I just didn’t have TIME to blog! (Get it? Get it??)

We’ve had three days of heavy rain since I came back from Ireland on Tuesday and the rivers and streams are all running at full spate.  We walked to Le Saute du Moin to see the waterfall and sure enough it was a lot fuller than it was on our last visit (and a lot less frozen)

This is one of the tributaries that flow into the pool which feeds the waterfall.  This was running pretty fast too, and I had to keep a close eye on Cinnamon to make sure she didn’t decide to go swimming.

A much more peaceful point of view :

And finally, this is a ford across the Calavon at the North end of the Gorge d’Oppedette.  Normally, there is just a trickle of water here and you can walk across it in ordinary shoes.  Not today.

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