Thank Friday it’s Lunchtime – Le Station, Forcalquier

Last October, I found myself in Forcalquier on market day with Granny, who was visiting at the time.  When we’d had enough of wandering around the market, we sat down for a cup of coffee in front of this of a brasserie/bar called Le Station.


It was approaching one o’ clock – lunchtime, and as we all know by now, lunchtime is sacred in France (sorry if you’re new and you didn’t know, but at least you know now).  We observed with interest as hordes and hordes of people from all walks of life trooped through the door and disappeared somewhere in the interior.  The food there must be good if so many people eat there, we agreed, and it’s been on my list of places to visit ever since.  Finally, on Monday, nearly six months later, the LSH and I (and our friend JP) managed to be in Forcalquier at lunchtime again, so in we went to check it out for TFIL.

Ok so we stumbled badly at the first hurdle.  We have RULES for TFIL – here they are :

Screen shot 2013-03-16 at 08.48.37

Hmm, the plat du jour was tripe à la Provençale.  It sounded just offal to me (!), and the LSH wasn’t tempted either so we ducked out on rule no.1 and just ate off the menu.

We all ordered Charcuterie (cold meat platter) for our entrée.  Yeah, it was fine.  Yeah, I’ve had better.



Then for our main course, JP and I ordered Chicken Escalopes and the LSH ordered Lasagne.


chicken escalope



Yeah, they were fine too.  Frozen chips, gloopy sauce on the chicken escalope, fairly ordinary lasagne.  Perfectly edible, but not nearly special enough to explain the vast hordes of lunch-eaters the Granny and I witnessed.  Mind you, there weren’t that many there this week…. just saying, y’know…

Value wise, it was ok.  For three of us, it came to €50, including wine for all of us and two coffees.  Not phenomenal value, but ok.

Would I recommend Le Station?  Well, no, to be honest, I wouldn’t.  It’s not a bad restaurant by any means, but you’ll find much better in the area if you try.  That said, maybe we just hit it on a bad day…

Service : ✮✮✮✮✮
Food : ✮✮✮
Value : ✮✮✮
Ambiance : ✮✮✮



7 thoughts on “Thank Friday it’s Lunchtime – Le Station, Forcalquier

  1. Oooo, that lasagne does not look too appealing; a bit on the gloppy side! As for anduouillette, that must rank right up there with kidney stew–smells like what it’s made from. Love following your Friday eatery reviews!


  2. I wonder if this fits in the category of “la cuisine industrielle”, which I just read about last week over at Southern Friend French…basically, frozen food. Sorry it wasn’t great. The place looks charming in the first pic!


  3. @michel if you are into fish there is a good fish restaurant tucked in behind the church on the road down to the convent. Your right the food did not look great but it tasted ok.


  4. Thanks for sharing. I would have a hard time giving the food 3 stars based upon the pictures (I am not criticizing the quality of your pictures). It does not look appetizing at all. I think one star would have been generous in my opinion. I am sure we will be in Forcalquier in the next few weeks. We will steer clear of that brasserie. Have a great weekend.


    • Maybe I’m a generous soul! Honestly, I’m not a picky eater at all, food would have to be pretty bad for me to give two stars & I can’t imagine a situation where I’d give one star!! But it did taste “fine,” nothing wrong with it, just there’s better out there.


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