Why Blog?

I was talking to someone recently about why I blog.  First and foremost, I like writing and I enjoy recording our adventures here in Provençe.  It’s  a bit like keeping a diary, but different at the same time.  The fact is, I was rubbish at keeping diaries, yet somehow I have managed to blog consistently for two years now.  So why is it that I can manage to blog regularly, when my diaries always came to an abrupt halt some time around the end of January?

I think the answer is feedback.  Likes and comments, both here and on my Facebook Page.  I LOVE getting feedback and I reckon it’s what keeps me coming back here and typing up whatever nonsense is going on in my life.  So to all the people who follow my blog, whether you observe silently or comment regularly, thanks for making this work for me, with extra special thanks going to my ‘Top 5’ commenters AllisonFinlayM1Kayti AikenGrey Horse Matters and Lauren.

Not only do I love to get feedback, but I thoroughly enjoy following other peoples’ blogs and making virtual friends.  It’s funny to think that from this little corner of France, I have reached out and connected with people from all over the world as they document the trials and tribulations of their own lives.

On that note, I’ve somehow picked up a few new followers here, despite the fact that I haven’t posted very much this month.  Welcome to Zany ZachSunnySleevez, Ici & La NatureJames RevelsMichelleCristian MihaiKendall F Person and Gemma who have all clicked on the “Follow” button in the last month.  Yeah, I know some of you are “Commercial” but that’s ok, everyone’s gotta make a buck somehow and who knows, maybe some of my other readers will want to buy sunscreen or music or a book…

Enough philosophy.  Back to horse stuff tomorrow.  I promise.  Cross my heart.

10 thoughts on “Why Blog?

  1. Wow, you made it to the end of January! I never made it to the end of the week. I think blogging is more successful because we get feedback and connect with others who have similar likes. It’s fun too. I sometimes have a problem figuring out what to write though. I could never do it everyday.


    • Yes, I have huge respect for rodneyssaga and Frances at myshetland.co.uk, who both blog almost every day and still manage to keep it fresh and interesting.


  2. You are so right … a diary oddly becomes a chore. Blogs have rewards … meeting fascinating people who have different lives, or maybe similar, but always interesting. Our blogs are a wonderful way of recording events in our own lives, complete with photos. I’ve certainly enjoyed reading about your adventures! Keep blogging!


  3. I just love ‘meeting’ new people and hearing about their lives. Maybe it’s just nosiness – I like to think it’s curiosity! Whatever it is, I heartily agree that getting feedback makes blogging that little bit special, knowing that there are like-minded people out there sharing life’s ups and downs, with lovely comments and support 🙂


    • I think your experience with Ramsay’s abscess shows just how powerful blogging is. That would never have happened if you sat in a corner every night and poured your heart into a diary.


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