The Drive to the Farm

Lauren at SheMovedtoTexas did a lovely, funny post on her blog the other day, all about her journey to the barn where her horse lives. She illustrated it with drawings because she couldn’t take photos and drive at the same time without risking life & limb, but I had the LSH driving the other day, so I decided to take lots of shots and share my daily drive to the farm with the world as well.

The first thing we pass is “Les Granons” – two giant grain silos.


Then we pass through lots of green fields


and I can see my friends MC’s horses in the distance


as we approach the village of Reillanne.


We don’t go right through the village, though, we turn off at this mirror (which is essential for the homeward journey)


and drive through the ‘burbs. If it can be said that a village of 1 500 inhabitants can have ‘burbs, that is.


We pass a borie – an ancient stone shelter


just before we enter the Asian quarter, the place to go for Shiatsu, apparently!


After that, it’s forest all the way up the hill to the farm!

DSCN3968And The Boys!


Anyone else want to share their drive to the yard/barn/farm?

13 thoughts on “The Drive to the Farm

  1. My horses have just moved to an off-site field, so I can document the drive there tomorrow. Can also document the walk from my house to the barn when they return in Autumn, :p
    Great idea for a post, felt like I was along for the drive.
    The buachaili are looking smashing!


    • What’s a sod farm??
      See, this is why this is interesting, we all pass different things along the way! I left out the Pizza restaurant because I just don’t think of it anymore, but it’s quite quaint


    • Lol, if I was still in Ireland the photos of the walk to the stables would be very boring… the back door, some trees, the hay store and the yard!


  2. Oh wow! Far superior to mine! Not a spot of shiatsu in sight 😉 must have a go at this for my blog but will put a link to this one as a thankyou (and an apology for blatantly stealing your idea!)


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