An Unexpected Present

The LSH is great… an amazing man in many ways and we love each other dearly.


Last year he scored a spectacular FAIL in the category of “Husbands who handle their wives 50th birthdays well.”

No more will be said.  Don’t mention the 50th.

This year I really felt that I needed to tell him what I wanted for my birthday well ahead of time.

I thought long and hard.  I don’t need much… having unSTUFFed my life in the massive house clearout last year, I’m not keen on starting to STUFF it again.  So I thought and thought… and it turned out that this was what I wanted :


So he paid for my best and oldest friend to come visit for ten days.  It was a fun visit until her Mam died and she had to leave early, but that’s beside the point – it was a great, slightly early present.

It happened he was in China on my birthday (and his) this year.  His flight home to Provence was messed up thanks to French Air Traffic Controllers going on strike and he ended up staying in London with the ED for a day or two.

Oh crap  he thought The wife’s birthday was last week and I don’t have a present for her.

Memories of the trauma that was the 50th birthday still fresh in his mind, he panicked.

A camera!  he thought She loves her Nikon P300, but she’s disappointed in the low light shots from it and she’d love more zoooooom.

Which is how I came to have this :


My Unexpected Present.

PS the green ManBag in the background is my present to him which he bought the week after he came back from China.  No one’s perfect.

5 thoughts on “An Unexpected Present

  1. Ahhh–a new Nikon! What a great LSH. Mine does pretty well, he got me a free OTTB for my 50th! And then we added 2 more and never looked back. 🙂


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