And the Winners are….

Interestingly, the Totes Aweseome Giveaway was less popular then the Mugnificent Giveaway.  I will bear that in mind in the future – more mugs, less bags.

In utter proof of the randomness of the draw, a Mug winner has won a tote bag.  Goddammit, I could have saved on postage.  Who is the two times lucky person?  Read on…

WordPress Winner : Diane F

Twitter Winner : Horse Care Courses (delighted for Carol, she’s the reason my Boys ended up where there are!)

Facebook Winner : It could only be…. Katherine Walcott of Rodney’s Saga 😀 😀 😀

Congratulations to you all.  Katherine and Joanna, your mugs are on their way – from Ireland.  French post office opening hours are really difficult to come to grips with so the mugs ended up coming with us on the ferry.  The third mug winner is yet to contact me, so who knows, it may be put up on offer again.

There is a third giveaway coming up, but I have had to stay in Ireland for an extra week.  Poor LSH and Cookie are driving across France all by themselves as I type.  When I get back to Cereste next weekend I’ll kick it off.  It’s the last Giveaway sponsored by the wonderful Zazzle, to whom I’m enormously grateful for the goodies!

Interesting post coming up shortly, involving a bit of thisDSCF0055

and a bit of that



Slán go fóill.  That’s à bientôt in Gaelic.  Essentially.

7 thoughts on “And the Winners are….

    • I wasn’t able to push it on Twitter very much because I’m in Ireland. That’s probably how you missed it. Oh well, there’ll be one more giveaway next week. And then I’ll probably do another giveaway when I finish releasing the series.


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