New Year, New Blog Post

First of all, thanks to everyone who left messages here or on Facebook, sympathising over the loss of Cinny.  Social media is wonderfully supportive through the sad times, and I appreciated every word.

I’m not going to do a ‘Goals for 2017’ post, nor am I going to do a ‘2016 Retrospective.’  I’m just going to carry on blogging sporadically about my horses, my dogs, whatever is going on in my life and occasional totally random things.  I’m not going to moan about how awful 2016 was, because although it may have been a bad year for many of my music heroes and a bad year for the world in general, it was a good year for me.  We bought our house in Provence and our Year in Provence became permanent.  Woohoo!

There’s one other thing about 2016, though.  It will forever be the year I did this :


I’d been thinking about a tattoo for a long time.  Ten years ago, we had the Summer of the Swallows in Cork.  Forty eight swallow chicks fledged in our yard that year and I almost got a swallow tattoo.  I went so far as visiting a couple of tattoo shops in the city and looking at swallow pictures, but none of them looked right – they were all too stylised.

Then I saw a lady who had a couple of paw-prints up her arm.  It was simple, pretty and not too in-your-face.  That gave me the idea of mixing paw-prints and hoofprints, but of course they’d have to be barefoot hoofprints!  And then I thought there are two other creatures who have left rather large footprints on my life path…

So this is the end result.


I like to think that the lowest paw-print, which peeps out under t-shirt sleeves, is for Cinnamon.

I’m tempted to continue across the back of my neck and down the other arm.

My Mammy will have a fit!


8 thoughts on “New Year, New Blog Post

  1. My computer has been ‘ill’ so it’s been a while since I”ve received anything from your website. So sorry on the lost of Cinnamon! It’s never easy to let our fur babies go…

    As for tattoos…I’m 62. in 1984 I got my first ever (and probably last) tattoo, of a tiger. It’s on my left shoulder, where I can see it, but hide it if necessary. I don’t regret it. I was a full grown adult when I got it, which is probably why. When kids get them at 17, their brains are still cooking. They’re stlil green, and they don’t realize that the tat they get at 18 is going to make them look like an idiot when they’re 58. That’s usually because they can’t afford quality work. a fifty dollar (How much is that in Euros???) tattoo is going to look like crap, and is probably going to be done by a kid not much older than you with no talent. I tell them, look, kid, if you want a tat, save your money and do your shopping. Get a GOOD one, with clean crisp lines, proper spelling if you want words, and good colors.
    My tat was applied by Alf Diamond, a expat Brit living in Frankfurt, Germany at the time. He was a crusty old cock, opinionated as hell but he did excellent work. 32 years later, my tiger still looks crisp lined and while the colors have faded, they still look tigerish.

    Yours are lovely. Properly proportioned, not a line out of place, clean and crisp. I like the concept and whomever did the work was a real artist.

    Beware. Beware. Tattoos are habit forming. I have managed to hold the line at one, but only because one, I can’t justify spending 500 bucks on another, two, I don’t want to fly to Frankfurt to get another, and three, I can’t figure out what I want. 😉

    And NEVER ever ever get them on your face or neck, or hands.

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    • My best friend also started late, maybe 8 years ago, so in her late forties. She got addicted and now has 8? 9? I’ve lost count. I think I will stick with what I have, at the very most I will extend it.
      My daughters both started young. Some of theirs I like, others less so. They both saved up and spent more than the average, to get good quality work. You’re absolutely right about the.
      Nice to hear from you again, too. And Happy new year

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  2. I just read your post about Cinny and it has me in tears. What a sweet pup, and from all the photos…so loved.
    We also lost Gucci and I know what a time Arlene has had with all that she lost. Indeed, a crappy year. Let’s hope that 2017 is going to bring us all good health and happiness.


    • She had a great life! There’s no doubt about that. I miss having a little dog to snuggle up with, although Cookie is trying very hard to fill that gap.


  3. So sorry to hear about Cinny. I feel for you. It’s hard to lose our friends. I lost my Maggie last January and still miss her, then we lost my daughter’s horse Nate and her dog Gunnar. So it’s been a crappy year all around and I still miss Dusty.

    Like your tattoos though. Hope you have a great year and congratulations on your house!


    • Thanks for your comment on my blog. I appreciate it. I think a lot of people do more on Facebook or other media now so you don’t get the news from blogs much. I don’t Facebook or Twitter or Instagram so I miss a lot too. Thanks again.


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