Where are we now?

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Some years ago, I packed up my life and moved from grey, rainy Cork to a small village in the middle of Provence, along with my Long Suffering Husband and a small herd of beasts.  Time has moved on. This new and exciting life abroad has become our normal existence.

I’ve stopped riding, due to chronic back pain. Aero is officially retired and enjoying life as the undisputed King of his herd of five. Flurry gazes at me with mournful eyes and wonders why we no longer go tromping through the woods.  We lost a Small Brown Dog and gained a high-octane brown and white goofball.

The LSH packed in his high-paying day job last year and is slowly building a portrait photography business.

I work at the farm where the horses live, feeding and caring for 30-odd horses.  It doesn’t quite pay my livery bill, and I know I won’t be able to do it for ever.  I need another source of income…

and now I’ve rediscovered my long-lost love of art.  Frankly, I am amazed at what I am producing.  Maturity, patience, better attention to detail and a good teacher are all making me into a better artist.  My aim is to earn enough money from my art to keep paying my horses’ livery bill, and (hopefully) contribute to the monthly household income.

Surely that’ll be possible?

The blog as you know it will continue in its sporadic, random way below this pinned post.  For new visitors, you can find out a bit more about my past on my About Me page.

You can view my Art through the top link in the right sidebar (chestnut horse picture), and you can find information about commissions in the next link down (Dr Whooves picture).

9 thoughts on “Where are we now?

  1. Thank you, too! I’ve created a new blog titled Dragon Nomads. It’s so new it doesn’t seem to want to pop up on a search, but I do see it here on this Word Press page. I tried using Word Press but if anything, Word Press has gotten far more complicated…and expensive, then when I first started using it. So I use Blogger. the URL for my new sci-fi blog is http://dragonnomads.blogspot.com
    I gave up trying to wrestle Word Press into some sort of compromise.
    I would love to have traffic but honestly, I’m writing it for fun.
    and,as you say…always a second chance. It’s what makes life fun.


  2. Good luck, my friend. The wonderful thing about blogging, just as in riding, is that we can ask for-and achieve-transitions. I’m doing the same thing, but on a completely different topic-that of writing science fiction (something I’ve never done but found that I have a real knack for it)thus am in the process of building an entirely new blog. Your art replenishes your spirit. Being creative keeps us going. Taking a new pathway opens up your heart and makes you happy. I will be visiting often, enjoying your true talent.
    Bon Voyage!


    • Wow! Well, first of all, thank you for your very kind comments. Secondly, I LOVE sci-fi… I can’t wait to see what you write. An old friend left a lovely comment on my FB page :
      “There’s always a second chance. Nothing like being an emerging artist over 50, 60…..”
      This is as applicable to you as it is to me. The very best of luck with your writing.


  3. A new chapter is opening. You & the LSH are doing a fine job creating art & photography.

    Your animal portraits are terrific. We are looking forward to the gallery opening.


    • Wow that sounds kind of karmic. I hope it wasn’t too traumatic when he died, it’s never easy but some are easier to accept than others.
      My back has good days and bad days. I spent hours on my feet yesterday and I’m paying for it today. Ho hum, c’est la vie!


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