I’m Mentioning the C word

The one that’s connected with December, to be clear.

I’ve been working on dog-themed Christmas cards which will be available to order on-line.

I’ve got three that I’m happy with but I want at least one more.

Mouse over each image to see the caption, and you can click and zoom in to read what’s written on the chew toy. Just a suggestion. You don’t have to.

My models are Lol, Bertie and Cookie, by the way. Thanks, pups!

I have two ideas for the 4th card of the series. One is classically cheesy and Christmassy, the other has my warped sense of humour going on.

The cheesy Christmassy one is simply a dog, probably a labrador but one with big soulful eyes (maybe even Shiva?), face on or three quarter face, with a sprig of mistletoe overhead. Simple.

The other is this guy.

He’ll be chewing that cursed Elf on a Shelf.

So we’ve got mistletoe or mangled elf.


PS when I do make these into cards, white balance and colour will be corrected.  I think they are going to look amazing 😀



3 thoughts on “I’m Mentioning the C word

  1. I panicked when I saw the C word…In the States that refers to cancer, definitely frightened me.
    Happy to see the Xmas sketches…very sweet indeed.


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