Current portfolio of works for sale.

I’ve grouped my work into three themes :

  1. General animal portraits on Pastelmat

2. The Paper Aviary, a series of bird studies

3. Monochrome or almost monochrome drawings

Prices are with each gallery of images.  

Pastel on Pastelmat

(pastelmat is a light card which has a special surface for pastels)

Pastelmat 30x40cm, €250

Le Monarque 

Le Regard 

Curious Charolais


Pastelmat 24x30cm €150

Chouette 2

Desert Storm



Tari at Sunset


Harvest Mouse

Pastelmat 80x60cm, €400

This is how we fly!

The Paper Aviary

Pastel on Ingres Paper, 18x24cm

All of the residents of the paper aviary are can be liberated for €70.00.

They can also be found on my redbubble page, where they’re available as greeting cards, postcards and fridge magnets (because they look cute as fridge magnets!)

Permanent Caran d’Ache Pencil on black artisanal paper, 30x30cm

All monochrome (and mostly monochrome!) drawings are available at €120

All original pastels are shipped framed in order to protect the artwork. Frame cost is included in the price, but shipping costs will vary. Prints and drawings are sold unframed.

My favourite pieces are available printed on a range of items on Redbubble who manufacture and ship globally.

Contact me for further info on

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