Provence, through the lens, part deux

(watch out for the sneaky lavender shot)
A pool, somewhere along the Calavon river

 Different pool, same river, this time with a gaint holey rock

Guess where we had lunch?

 Here’s the sneaky lavender shot.  I thought it looked nice framed by all the leaves.

Today, instead of lavender fields, we had sunflower fields.  I got ridiculously excited when I saw these – they’re just so Provencal don’t you know!  We didn’t have much time to photograph these, but I suspect there may be a few similar shots posted here before this holiday is over!
“What are those yellow fields?” I asked as we drove towards Manosque.

Sunflowers! Yay!

They are just so cheerful!  Looking at these pictures is making me smile even as I write this blog!

We’ve been driving past a field with these weird things for a couple of days – it’s on the main road between Céreste and Reillanne.  I had to investigate.  What they are is…

…sunhats for lettuce.  That’s right.  Sunhats.  For lettuce.  In Ireland, they supply each lettuce plant with an aqualung.  Or they should do.

More tomorrow…

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