How’s that ToDo List Coming Along?

I dropped in to Allison’s blog before I started this post (procrastinating? Surely not!) and was amused to see that she was also writing about a ToDo List.  Sometimes it seems like we just make these lists to make ourselves feel guilty, but then on the other hand when you have so many things to accomplish in a short space of time, the ToDo List is essential for making sure you don’t forget things.

I’m going to share some of mine, and comment on progress.

Items 1, 2 and 3 have a similar theme.

  • Rehome Lilly.                   Tick. Lilly went to her new home two weeks ago.
  • Rehome Dylan.                 No Tick. The handsome Dylan is still with us.  The rescue charity will start “pushing” him now and I’m going to “share” him on Facebook again.  He’s going to be neutered on Monday (he has no idea, poor boy) and I’m very happy to care for him afterwards.  I dread the thought of him going into kennels, he is so loving and so loyal, I can just imagine his big goofy face staring sadly out of a pen and wondering where we’ve all gone.
  • Define Pepper’s future.      Tick. I really thought I was ready to have Pepper euthanased if I couldn’t find a home for him.  The more likely it seemed, the more I realised that I wasn’t ready at all, and neither was he – he’s in great form.  Yes, he’s slow, yes, he’s struggling to keep weight on, yes, he’s showing signs of Cushings Disease, but he’s perky and happy, comes over for a little chat in the paddock, whinnies gently every time I walk into the yard and is definitely still enjoying life.  So I’ve come to an arrangement with a friend.  I’ll pay a reduced “livery” for him to live out with her kids’ ponies.  We’re hoping her very nervous son will ride him from time to time – both of them would be content just to walk around the arena.  Phew.  I’m glad I don’t have to face that one just yet.
Two out three aint bad.
The next few items on the list are administrative type things to do with letting the house.   I’ve completely dropped the ball there.  Oops.  Writing this has reminded me that I need to do them.  (Add Item #39 to List : Pin ToDo List up)
Then there’s the painting list.
  • Bathrooms.                90% Complete, skirting boards
  • Back kitchen.             80% Complete, skirting boards & second coat on doors
  • Kitchen                       No Tick
  • ED’s Room                 No Tick, can’t do it until she moves out
  • Windowsills               40% complete, first coat on some of them
  • Hallway                     No Tick.  And worse still, looking at what’s required for the hallway led me to spot damp creeping up the wall – there’s a leaking pipe somewhere which is going to have to be dug up and repaired.  Argh.  This leads to Item #40 on the list, Call Plumber.  Tick.
So the painting is not going too well, although seems likely I’ll get a bit more done today.  The rain is blatting steadily against my window while I write this and there’s 70mph winds expected later, so it looks like a good day to get indoor stuff done.
The “sorting out our stuff” work has gone really well, though.
  • Go through wardrobes.                Tick.  Done & sold loads at the car boot sale
  • Go through airing cupboard.        Tick.  Done & sold loads at the car boot sale
  • Go through kitchen cupboards.     Tick.  Done & sold loads at the car boot sale
  • Go through all my horse gear.      Tick.  My tack room is now arranged as a showroom, with all the gear I’m selling lined up on the right hand side.
  • Sell show jumps.                         Tick.  Let’s face it, I’m not going to use them.  A friend offered to buy them last week, so I didn’t even have to advertise them.  Whoop!
  • Get rid of old trailer.                    Tick.  I’ve done a barter deal where I’ll get a couple of new stables doors in exchange for my old Ifor Williams 505.  It needs a bit of work, so I think it’s a fair deal.
  • Find a gardening service.              Tick.  The garden is tidy.  Not beautiful, but tidy.
  • Sort out horse gear for ISPCA.      Tick.  I just need to drop the rugs and headcollars to their equine rescue centre.
This section of the list makes me happy!  It’s just as well, because other than “Health Checks.” the remaining ten items on the list are unTicked.  Book the ferry, pack boxes, replace floor coverings in couple of rooms – that sort of thing.
Oh well, we’ve got another two weeks before the house needs to be ready for viewing.  Plenty of time.  
I’m off to the Dublin Horse Show for a few days.  Of course I can spare the time!
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