Stolen From the LSH

I love my LSH, but it’s so irritating when he (a non-blogger) writes better than me.  One of the best posts on The Wanderly Wagons was co-written by him – it made me laugh!  

This was his response to an email which innocently asked how “How are your plans for a Year in Provence coming along ?” 

Imagine if you will Usain Bolt crossed with a blue bottle, and it will give you some idea of the manic, rapid but quasi random activity over the last month or so.  Work is very busy at the moment, exacerbated by the fact that we are down a couple of staff for the next couple of months. So long hours are the order of the day. Fortunately I have been able to defer almost all travel. On top of this renting the house out not only implies cleaning out nigh on 20 years of accumulated living, but redecorating and reflooring some of the rooms. Needless to say that most unwanted of Irishmen, Murphy, raised his ugly head and things started to go wrong with significant water leaks etc etc. They are all fixed now and we are on the home stretch to finishing up that project.

Meanwhile… Martine has been trying to re-home various animals, with great success I might add. Murphy then decides its time to send us another stray dog. He is a gorgeous G. Shepard/Doberman cross puppy of about 6 months or so. The dog decided he was not leaving and became Martine’s stalker. So we have fostered him until we can find a home, as he is definitely not coming to France. Not content with that Murphy then sent us another stray. I have to say I just chased that one out of the yard and didn’t mention it to Herself.
Meanwhile… various family members needed medical attention. My poor mom had a small growth on her temple, by the time all the medical examinations and preparations were done it became a large growth and despite her 89 years it had to be removed. She has made a stunning recovery, didn’t as much as loose a stride. ED then coughed her way into hospital, that is to say she coughed so hard she fractured a rib. Thankfully those two are now alright. Unfortunately things have not worked out so well for my Brother in Law, who has been diagnosed with Cancer and at this point there is no viable medical course of action. My sister is normally Mom’s primary care giver, while Mom is in a home, so my brother and I have had to take up the baton there, leading to three-hour round-trips a couple of days a week. 
Meanwhile… ED has moved to London. Emigrated is the right word I suppose, but it does not seem far or different enough to call it that. I am delighted for her and she is having fun with it at the moment. She has a job so there are no real worries.
Meanwhile… Martine ran a very successful national dressage youth talent finder competition. The finalists from four regional qualifiers met in Wicklow this month. Martine works closely with a buddy Naomi. Together they have revitalised Dressage in the area.
Meanwhile… Martine took part in the regional dressage finals and qualified for the National finals. Due to our trip to France she will not be able to participate in the finals however.
Meanwhile… well it has been very hectic but we have nothing to complain about really, we are in good health and good form and  all is full steam ahead for France.
….you don’t fancy a puppy do you ? 🙂
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