London Calling

Fleeting impressions of the trip so far :

This is what Stupid O’Clock looks like

Halfway between Cork and Rosslare, just before dawn

I’ve never been parked on the top deck of a ferry before

Not parked in the bowels of the ferry for once

Hello Wales, just passing through

Cool cars on the motorway

A cool car
A cooler car

London Traffic (a bit of a shock to two country girls)

London Traffic

Eating pub grub with flashing disco lights and loud 80s music.  The DJ got it completely wrong – the audience were the right age profile for the music, but that automatically made them the wrong age profile for the decibel level

A fire engine crashing into a car fifty metres in front of us as we walked down a street in Chingford

Daring to park illegally on the street near the ED’s house (and getting away with it)

Carrying a LOT of stuff from Jeepy to said house

The orchid survived the journey!


Nando’s loo

A few other loos (I’m not saying it was because of the food from Nando’s, but three out of four of us had dodgey tums for the afternoon)

Waiting for the bus to get from Hackney to Liverpool street en route to see War Horse

Panicking and getting a cab instead

Worrying that the cab driver was lost

Seeing the delight on the cab driver’s face when I took out the map of London

Arriving at The New London Theatre JUST in time

New London Theatre

War Horse.  Long anticipated, it did not disappoint.  My non-horsey but animal-loving friend did not know what to expect – I had told her it was a play about a horse done with puppets.  To quote her Facebook page

Well now…. just back from an evening in the West End…. went to see War Horse in Drury Lane…. WOW doesn’t even begin to describe it…. awesome is not adequate but suffice to say I am completely gobsmacked…. and that doesn’t happen often…. great night and great fun so far on this trip

Squished like sardines in the tube on the way home.

Going down to the tube

My first ride on a London Red Bus, watching all the late night revellers falling on and off

Sipping wine and eating Meze in front of a cafe at midnight

The Rose Hotel, which takes you back through time and gives you the authentic experience of a 1950s London boarding house (although I don’t think that’s their intention)

The view from the bed

Brick Lane and Spitalfields markets.  There’s an awful lot of STUFF there.  Thankfully, I have de-STUFFed my life and I wasn’t tempted to start STUFFing it again.

Street performer at Spitalfield market

Nigel the SatNav repeatedly telling me to turn down one-way streets in the middle of London

On the road again…

3 thoughts on “London Calling

  1. Hi Megan! We don't get so many cool cars on the motorways here, either. In fact, as we drove from Dublin to Cork, we both noticed that there's way less cars on our motorways than there is in the UK!As for Nando's… the food is meant to be Portuguese, but I'm not convinced. There were no barbecued sardines, for example.


  2. those cars do make for an interesting road trip! definitely not like that in norway…every car here looks exactly the same. i can never even find my car in the parking lots after shopping haha!and i just recently learned that nando's was from the UK. i ate there in malaysia and just assumed it originated there…until a friend told me otherwise 🙂


  3. looks like it was a fab trip – love London – thinking of the old adage "If you are tired of London you are tired of Life" {but that could be a mis-quote and about NY?Anyway I love London – hope Aiden loves it too:) S


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