I dreamed of Tea last night.
I was at a showgrounds and went to the refreshments stand, where I picked up a large plastic jug and went to put tea bags into it.  I realised that they weren’t Barry’s (the pyramid shape gave them away), so of course I had to put a handful of bags in to try to give it some flavour.  To my horror, the electric kettle was almost empty, but I poured the remaining hot water over the handful of tea bags in the bottom of the plastic jug and added milk.  Anticipating a nice cup of TEA, I raised the jug to my lips….
UGH!  It was awful, with a pathetic weak tea bag flavour – you know the ones where all you can taste is the paper used to contain the tea-dust – heavily laced with plastic fumes.
Dear god, we are here less than two weeks and tea withdrawal is already setting in!

4 thoughts on “TEA

  1. Ahh, another person who suffers withdrawal symptoms from lack of Barry’s!! My Mam regularly sends parcels of the stuff to South Africa, where the strong stuff is a necessity to tackle any day 🙂 I think Barry’s need to look at their global presence…


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