I dreamed of Tea last night.
I was at a showgrounds and went to the refreshments stand, where I picked up a large plastic jug and went to put tea bags into it.  I realised that they weren’t Barry’s (the pyramid shape gave them away), so of course I had to put a handful of bags in to try to give it some flavour.  To my horror, the electric kettle was almost empty, but I poured the remaining hot water over the handful of tea bags in the bottom of the plastic jug and added milk.  Anticipating a nice cup of TEA, I raised the jug to my lips….
UGH!  It was awful, with a pathetic weak tea bag flavour – you know the ones where all you can taste is the paper used to contain the tea-dust – heavily laced with plastic fumes.
Dear god, we are here less than two weeks and tea withdrawal is already setting in!

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