Sunday Stills

This week’s challenge for Sunday Stills was “Let’s Take a Closer Look.”  Macro time!  My initial reaction was to borrow one of the LSH’s big fancy cameras, but then I decided to see just what I could do with my Nikon Coolpix P300.

I had a very tolerant subject.

He was a little shy at first, but then the eyes came out for a look around

 he decided it was safe, and off he went

like a greyhound from a trap.

Sort of.

I think this leaf was a map, he seemed to be reading it for a while.

I tried one with the camera’s built-in flash.  I probably blinded the poor chap, but apart from the blown out highlights on the shell, it seemed to sharpen things up a bit.  I think if I could have angled the flash differently it would have worked better, but, even so, it really did pick up the colours.

I tried a few “face-on” shots, but was caught with depth of field on the antennae.

I’m pretty sure that this is the variety of snail that gets eaten as Escargot, but hopefully that fate will not befall my model.

He was released back into our garden, after one final shot beside the iPhone for scale.


31 thoughts on “Sunday Stills

  1. Not sure about "talented"… he was a very good model and his shell is really amazing when you get close.They were ok to eat when I ate them in the past, but they are really just a vehicle for garlic butter. Better than oysters, IMO, but then I am not a seafood person at all.


  2. The P300 gives a little more flexibility than most compacts. I had it in fully manual mode for these shots, with the highest aperture setting I could use and a slow shutter speed. I don't have a tripod, but I sat it on the stone table that the snail was modelling on and that seemed to keep it steady enough.


  3. Beautiful photos. You're very talented. I've never seen a snail this close up before. Their shells are really gorgeous. Originally, being from an island with lots of beaches, I guess you can tell I like shells. There's no way I could ever eat one though. My sister-in-law made me sick one time at a restaurant by having them. Prying them out of the shell and all I thought it was nasty.


  4. FANTASTIC MACROS!!! And Welcome to Sunday Stills. A little hint on the washed out pic, cut up a piece of hose and stretch it over the flash and secure with a rubber band if possible, it diffuses the flash..:-))


  5. he's a beauty alright. I was wondering what I would do for the Macro challenge when I spotted him running (!) across the road beside our house. He kinda volunteered himself.


  6. Great series, and it's always wise to choose a patient and slow model. Loved seeing the eye stalks, I haven't really seen those before. And your camera did a great job too.


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