Sunday Stills – Yellow

I was determined not to fall into the “Yellow Autumnal Leaves” trap for this challenge.

I had a couple of things in mind and an action plan for the weekend which would involve “photographing yellow things.”  Unfortunately, there’s been torrential rain all day today (Saturday) and it’s forecast to continue into Sunday, too, so my lovely ideas came to naught.  One of them was at this place, which I visited last Spring, but right now it’s undoubtedly just knee-deep red and yellow mud, so no, thanks all the same.

As it happens, I was watching out for yellow things all week just the same, and spotted quite a few very yellow-leaved trees.  This one is the yellowest

but this one is the most interesting.

Good job I took those photos, they’re all I’ve got.  Yellow Autumnal Leaves.

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