Sunday Stills – Textures

I am fascinated by trees.  Their shape, how they become distorted by their environment, their foliage throughout the seasons – not just deciduous trees, but also the evergreens, when they pop out their oh-so-green new foliage in the spring!  The first thing to come into my head when I saw the “Textures” theme was trees – bark, to be specific.

No, I thought, I’ll think of something else, and I took a few shots of other things, like my horses’ thick winter coats crusted with snow, the feathery tops of some reeds growing in a river and mini-snow drifts which had been sculpted by the wind, but I wasn’t happy with any of them and in the end, I came back to trees.

Papery bark on a Plane Tree
Rough Bark on an Oak Tree
Smooth Bark – I think it’s a cherry tree, I’ll tell you next summer!
Dead Pine tree with stripped bark
A Knot
Dead Wood in the Snow
The Bark on the Planks which make up my horses’ Field Shelter!


10 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Textures

  1. Great shots. I, too, love trees. Especially trees with interesting bark. I think my favorite is Ponderosa pine which has bark that looks like a jigsaw puzzle and smells like vanilla. I'm forever sticking my nose into the tree trunk to the amusement of my family.


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