Sunday Stills – Lone Tree

Just one shot to choose from this week, my camera battery has been misbehaving.
Here’s a lone tree in the middle of a field with a white horse to keep it company :

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14 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – Lone Tree

  1. Thanks Henry, but unfortunately a different angle would have involved a bit of rock climbing. I totally agree, it would have been better with the full shadow in it, but there was a hideous bright green shed in line with the wood piles which I cropped out, removing some of the tree's shadow too.


  2. nice shot, i was wondering how you managed to take that pic, then i read ur efforts. A humple suggestion is that it would'v been excellent if we could include the shadow of the tree in full (may b from a diff' angle)


  3. LOL, it never dawned on me that it looks like this was taken as I flew overhead!The truth is sad and boring, we were driving along on one of those winding French roads, glanced down into the valley below and spotted this, my LSH said "Oh look, there's a lone tree", so we parked the car, I leapt out and took the photo.Voilá!


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