Sunday Stills – The Old Barn

I think I had a clear advantage in this weeks challenge – Provençe is full of old barns!

This one is a two minute walk from my house.  Maybe it’s not really a barn, but it’s an agricultural building of some sort!

The biggest challenge here was getting a shot which didn’t have a phone or electricity cable running through it.

See what I mean?

A little further down the road, we’ve got this :

but I have to confess that the stone building behind it with the gaping windows was calling to me.

I went all arty and B&W :

What do you think?

I came back and edited this post to include this beauty – I couldn’t leave it out!  We passed this in the Isère region when we were doing our trek across France last year.

The epitome of an Old Barn, don’t you think?

For more Old Barns, visit Sunday Stills and see what everyone else has captured.


11 thoughts on “Sunday Stills – The Old Barn

  1. What a variety you have available. Seems a photographers paradise for barns. The first one is fascinating … wonder what it was used for. The last one is remarkable! Would love to know the history on that one.


  2. Great pics. Liked them all but my fav is the last one.i too had trouble not getting power lines in my pics.I guess my barns aren't old enough cause they all had power going to them ….even the ones I saw that were falling down.


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