Cheval Passion SlideShow Photos

If you were able to view the slideshows in the last two posts, you don’t need to look at this post, but a couple of people said that they couldn’t see the slideshows at all.  I looked into it – it’s an Internet Explorer compatibility issue.  Here’s what the people at photosnack had to say :

1. My PhotoSnack doesn’t work on Internet Explorer 8 or older. Why, and what can I do?
The new PhotoSnack is 100% HTML5, so the slideshows will only work on HTML5 compatible browsers. Older versions of Internet Explorer (including Internet Explorer 8) don’t support HTML5, so that’s why it doesn’t work.
We recommend you to update your browser, or use a different one.

2. I have Internet Explorer 9. Why doesn’t PhotoSnack work on it?

You need to make sure you’re using Internet Explorer 9 in standard mode and not in Internet Explorer 8 mode or compatibility view.
Press F12 to open the developer window, from the browser mode combo box and select Internet Explorer 9. This will solve your problem.
Unfortunately, if you’re using IE 8 or older, they’re saying tough s**t.  I think I will have to find a different slide-show maker because I know for sure that a lot of my friends back in Ireland are using old PCs (and are not tech-savvy!).
While I research this, here’s the photos you missed :

Tri de Bétail, from Part 1 

HorseBall, from Part 1 :

Iberian Horses, from Part 2

Out and About, from Part 2 :

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