Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day on this side of the Atlantic.  What a nice day I’ve had!  It started with a Skype Breakfast in Bed with my daughters… they had set their Dad up to bring me breakfast in bed along with the iPad so they could Skype me – how sweet is that?  After a lovely chat & lie-in, with hyper-terriers curled up beside me in non-hyper mode, it was time to haul myself out of bed…

It was a beautiful warm spring day and we decided to walk up to Reillanne market with the hyper-terriers.  There are lots of teeny-tiny flowers starting to appear everywhere – I think we are going to have a very verdant spring here after all the rain we’ve had, it should make for some nice photos.

After lunch (potato and jalapeno soup YUM, my favourite!) we went up to see the horses and gave them both a good scrub for a photo shoot.  Aero is moulting like mad, Flurry not so much, but it won’t be long before he joins in as well.  Sneak preview of the photo shoot :

You’ll find out more about this during the week!

Cinnamon had a go at horse-riding.  She had read the book and she knew that she should first introduce herself to the horse :

(by the way this is NOT my gobsmacked face)

Well, actually, it was more like Flurry saying :


and yeah, she snapped at him right after this photo.  He’ll know not to try eating Small Brown Dog paw again…

Once I put her on his back, she was surprisingly not too petrified.

and I was even able to step away from her

I suspect if I was sitting on Flurry as well she’d be quite comfy, snuggled into me. I don’t know that she’ll ever match Frances Taylor’s BeAnneDuvet, though!

After fun & games with the horses, we came home to find dinner had dried out, but fortunately it hadn’t actually reached cremation point yet, so once I chucked a bit of hot water into it, it kind of reconstituted itself – duck cassoulet with lentils (and a glass of white wine….. ahhhh).

The weather has turned a corner and I reckon Spring is just a breath away.  No more excuses, it’s time to get my saggy butt back in the saddle.  It WILL happen this week, and keep happening thereafter.

For those who have been waiting with bated breath (all two of you) here is The Gobsmacked Face :

Poor Aero thought I was going to assault him and ducked.  Bless.

(all photos in this post are courtesy of The LSH)
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