A Bit of This’ n’ That

IMG_2375First, a rugby joke.

What do Ronan O’Gara and the LSH have in common?

They were both dropped the same week…

no, it’s not hilarious.

yes, the LSH has lost his job.

no, we’re not upset.

yes, we were kinda expecting it.

no, we’re not going back to Ireland.

yes, we have plans…

Moving on…

I mentioned the Transumanza thingy in Tuscany a while back – that was supposed to be happening at Easter weekend.  Unfortunately, La Fiaba have had to postpone it, but we’re going for the weekend anyway – we’re going to have a riding and eating lots of yummy Italian food weekend.  Can’t wait, we’re leaving on Friday!

We had unexpected visitors on Sunday which was very pleasant although the weather wasn’t (don’t worry friends and followers in the UK and Ireland, I am NOT going to dare complain about the weather here).  Just a point of fact, it pi**ed rain all weekend.  My Bro and his wife Ant were coming down to this area with the intention of doing some rock climbing, but when the cliffs are all wet, they’re a bit hard to climb, so Bro and Ant decided to spend Sunday evening and Monday morning with us instead of pitching a soggy tent in a miserable campsite somewhere.  They’ve gone on to Toulon now, and I believe the weather has improved and some cliffs have even been climbed, but we’re hoping to connect with them again after we come back from Tuscany and before they go back to sunny Stockport.

In preparation for our trip to La Fiaba, we rode today.  It involved a long, long time chipping horses out of heaps of muck, but it was worth it.  Très plaisant, as they say around here.  They haven’t done much in the last two weeks, the LSH was in Brazil (my, he does get around, not for much longer, though!) and it was very, very wet here, so they were a little on their toes heading out but we kept it short and sweet and finished up with everyone happy.


I think we’re going to be riding for three or four hours a day over the weekend – we are SO not ready for that!

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