Tuscany Day 1

After a long drive, we finally arrived in temperatures that were slightly higher than we’d left in Provençe… a good omen, maybe?  We met up with Sharon and Lorenzo at La Fiaba and Lorenzo guided us to Soiano, an Agriturismo resort about 5km away from the stables (more on Soiano later!)


Hopes for the weather improving turned out to be over-optimistic.  The forecast for Saturday was for rain moving in late morning, so we presented ourself at La Fiaba for our first ride of the weekend at 9.30, hoping to dodge the rain.

Guess what I got to ride?  A half-Haflinger!  She looks a bit like a Haffie I know in the mid-West US….


The rain-dodging didn’t work too well.  As soon as our butts were in the saddle, it started.


We were riding with an Italian family… the mum & Dad are in front of me in this photo…



and son and daughter are behind the LSH in this photo.



After a two hour ride around a wooded hill in the rain, we squelched our way back to the yard.



and the rain promptly stopped.

We passed on riding that afternoon – it was still pretty wet – and did some shopping and sight-seeing instead but it was raining so much there are no photos.  You’ll just have to believe me when I say that San Giminagno is worth a visit.  And you can buy underpants in Portobello in Montaione.

And the bicycle shorts?  More tomorrow…

5 thoughts on “Tuscany Day 1

    • I lot let hairy than Shy. If I remember, she is crossed with Arab, so I think she is a bit more refined as well. Her eyes are similar though, they have that “im a little bit worried” look. 🙂


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