The changing face of China – part 1

For anyone who would like to see more of Nanjing through the LSH’s eyes, here’s the first of a series of photographic posts.

The Wideangle Cafe

I am back from Nanjing for about a week now and have been chasing my tail trying to catch up on things, so my apologies for the radio silence.

I have had a fascination with China for many years and while I get to travel all over the world I have only been to China once before, and even then only for three days, so I was delighted to be able to spend nearly three weeks working in Nanjing, thats long enough to really get stuck in to some decent photography. Before leaving I had made tentative arrangements for a guide to be with me while I travelled the streets and took photographs. I was not concerned from a security perspective, it just I wanted local advice on where to go for the best photo opportunities, plus its too easy to get lost when you do not speak or read…

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