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Two of my Liebster victims nominees Liebstered me right back, but I’m taking the lazy option and just saying thanks and answering their questions.  After all, who wants to know 11 more random facts about me?

Thanks Helen and Kayti, first of all here are Helen’s questions and my answers :

1. What book are you reading right now? Heat and Dust, 1975 Booker prize winner.  It was in a box of books that’s doing the rounds of the expats here.  Not bad at all.
2. What was the last film you saw at the cinema?Les Miserables. I went with a friend to see the English version in Manosque.  Hugh Jackman singing is something I will never forget, unfortunately.
3. What are you seriously scared of? Hmm, nothing physical like snakes or spiders.  I think what really scares me is the thought of something bad happening to either of my kids.
4. Do you have a collection of anything? Does cutlery count? 
5. What’s the worst injury you have ever had? Probably the broken wrist last year.  God bless the French healthcare system is all I can say.
6. What’s the last thing you purchased? Two bags of crisps
7. What would you want to be written on your gravestone? Reboot? Y/N
8. What is your current desktop picture?The default space scene that came with my laptop.  My iPhone is much more interesting, it has a photo of a giant mechanical elephant on it 
9. If you could meet any famous person, alive or dead, who would it be? This is really hard, I’m not into famous people at all… maybe Johnny Depp just cos he’s pretty.
10. When was the last time you turned off your mobile phone? Flight from Dublin to Marseille on June 10th.  Does that make me a bad person?
11. What did you do during your childhood summers? Played rounders and hide & seek with my friends in the housing estate where we lived

(interlude while we try to catch a scorpion… successfully.  Must remember not to wander around barefoot)

And now, Kayti’s questions :

1.  Do you have a nickname, and if yes, name it and explain it! I have two.  I was called Mars Bar in school, an obvious un-abbreviation of Martine, but in college I was renamed Mo, because my computer ID was MOMurphy, my initials plus my surname.  Boring, yeah.

2.  What is your porn star name (first pet’s name and mother’s maiden name) and if you have heard of any others, what was the best? (a personal favourite of mine is ‘PosyPops Dickie. Chuckle.) Sherry O’Keeffe.  It actually sounds like a real name, sorry.  How about this – not a porn star name, but the LSH met a guy via work whose name was Bent Ballsby.  Our kids loved that one.

3.  What is your worst habit?Fiddling with my hair.  I just make it fuzzier all the time.

4. Do you have an unusual talent, party piece or anything that seems just a little ‘original.’ Um no.  I used to be good at drawing but having children sucked all the creativity out of me.  

5.  If you are a rider, name one aspect of the sport you would love to try. If not, name a sport you would dearly love to try. Driving.  Mr Flurrypants could be harnessed up yet.

6.  Favourite place in the UK? And why? In the UK, eh? The Peak District cos it’s near my Bro & Ant and it’s very scenic and there’s lovely walks there.

7.  Have you ever encountered anyone famous? Who, and what happened? (I know someone who has, em, had a lusty encounter with Gerard Butler. I can’t reveal who which makes me almost burst at times!)Does Ferdi Eilberg count?  I was on a national training committee for a while and had a couple of meetings with him. Oh wait, I’ve actually spoken to Carl Hester! It was  like, “hello I’m one of the observers from Ireland” or something profound like that.  I’m sure he remembers me.

8.  Favourite sweet (of the confectionary type.) Or if sweet isn’t your style, a favourite savoury snack. Crisps.  I’m deadly.  Put a bowl of crisps in front of me and I’ll scoff the lot.

9.  Why do you blog? Answer must not exceed ten words! It’s more fun than a diary.

10.  Today you are allowed to walk up to anyone (famous or not) and give them a good smack on the side of the head! Who? And why?Those idiot bankers who destroyed the Irish economy.  Obvious reasons, methinks.

11.  Best pet/horse name you have ever heard (and the story behind it if you know it.) Tropical Fish are Cheaper, a horse in the barn in Chicago where we used to ride.

And finally, since I’m becoming an Award Junkie…

The ED sent me this link, for Blog Awards Ireland 2013.   Would any of my lovely readers like to nominate this blog in the category Best Blog from the Irish Diaspora?

Click on the LINK HERE, or click on the big shiny new button on the upper right corner.  Fill in the fields :

email of blog –

name of blog – Tails From Provence

web address of blog –

which county does this blogger hail from – Cork

reason for nominating this blog – “Because she asked me” is probably not a good reason.  “Because it’s totes amazeballs” probably won’t do either.  Please make something brilliant up.  I trust you guys to be creative.

Merci beaucoup!


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