Sarcoids and Thuja

Eight weeks ago, I wrote about Aero’s sarcoids and my intention to treat them with Thuja.  The question is  – did it work?

The short answer is, the jury is still out.  The long answer is, have a look at these photos and see what you think.

May 22nd, just after I started giving Aero Thuja 9cH tablets, five tablets twice a day for five days, then a five day break before starting again.


Sarcoid behind jaw


Flat sarcoid inside left hind

After the first two rounds of treatment, I thought the sarcoid behind his jaw was bigger and the flat one was unchanged.  I bought a bottle of Thuja ointment to dab on the sarcoids.  Things really started to happen after that.

May 28th


While I was in Ireland at the start of June, Alexandrine continued to dose Aero and to dab the lotion on, and while I was away, the one behind his jaw dropped off, leaving a little wound.


The flat wart looks mostly the same.  The rough spots of skin seem to have improved.


I gave him another course of five days after that, but I really wasn’t sure how long I should carry on for.  This is what the one behind his jaw looks like now :


I’m  worried that there seems to be a smaller one to the right of the original site now, but I will keep a close eye on it.  The flat one on his leg still looks like it did in the previous picture.

Where to from here?  My gut feeling is to leave well enough alone for a while and see if they start to grow again.  I will probably hit them with another couple of rounds of Thuja treatment in that case.

Has anyone got any thoughts on using Crest or other high-fluoride toothpaste on sarcoids?  I’ve read some pretty amazing testimonials on line.

I have a vague memory of reading somewhere that flat sarcoids are harder to treat.  Does anyone know of success stories using Crest on flat sarcoids?

6 thoughts on “Sarcoids and Thuja

  1. I’ve had a sacroid horse… I don’t know about Thuja, but for him, it was a matter of reomving all kinds of grain/starch from his diet… it worked like a charm…
    I did try, a few times, to get him back on oats, for energy, but the sacroids came right back and went away within weeks after I stopped feeding it to him again…


    • I suppose they’re all different… Aero isn’t on any grain, just hay and whatever he finds as forage in the paddock he’s in. People say that sarcoids are a sign that the immune system is struggling, maybe your guy has an auto-immune response to the grain…
      Aero’s are still there, very small and whitey grey, I’m watching them closely!


    • I’ll say its true with the immune system… my horse crashed and burned last year and was euthanized because his immune system stopped doing anything when he got a viral infection…
      In the end, all his minor artetries burst and he was bleeding out… I have no idea how it happened, my vets and I fought like crazy for an entire month, but there was nothing we could do. He was 13.
      And no, it’s not going to happen to all sacroid horses, but I’ll testify to the lousy immune system, thats for sure…
      Good luck with yours 🙂


  2. I’ve never had any experience with sarcoids or Thuja so I don’t feel qualified to comment. Hope it all goes as you expect and the sarcoids disappear forever. The Crest treatment sounds interesting.


  3. Hi Lauren. I gave him the Thuja tablets stuffed into the cracks on any split carrots I could find! Alexandrine gets “animal grade” carrots for the horses so I could always find a cracked one if I rummaged around. You can also stuff them into a quarter of an apple. You’re not supposed to handle the tablets and I worked out a way of pressing them into the carrot/apple using the lid of the dispenser. Could you leave a “loaded” apple piece/carrot there for someone else to give him when you’re not there?
    I was moderately sceptical starting off, despite the success stories I’d witnessed. You need to put yourself in the mindset “The vet gave me this stuff and it cost $200 so I’m going to follow his instructions to the letter.” It’s too easy to think, ah yeah, it won’t matter if I miss a dose or two, it’s only a natural remedy. I had finished the first tube of Thuja before I began to see a difference and I was nearly finished the second one when I stopped dosing him.
    Looking at stories about using Crest, people talked about putting it on every day. I’d be interested to hear about it if you do go that route.


  4. Simon has a sarcoid that I have been half ass treating, and I have questions for you. How did you give the Thuja tablets? I’m pretty much only able to do it once a day, and saw 0 difference so I stopped giving it. I haven’t tried Thuja ointment though – sounds like I should pick some up. I’ve put Crest on it twice, and also saw 0 difference. However it was twice over about 4 days, so maybe I need to put it on almost daily for a week to see if it improves any.


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