Sunday Stills – Motorcycles

I failed miserably on last week’s SS – I took a couple of shots looking down a steep hillside but they were pretty rubbish really.  I was less than thrilled when I saw this week’s theme – Motorbikes.  Not my thing, really.  Mind you, the south of France is a popular touring destination for many bikers, so sometimes you see some really fancy bikes.

We went to Cassis for the day on Monday and while wandering around the town, I realised I was in prime bike country.

These three wheeled thingies are popular here, I’ve seen quite a few.


Even I have heard of a Honda Goldwing :


and yeah, I know what a Harley is, too.


What kind of bike does this wheel belong to?


A very shiny one like this!


If I had to choose a bike, though…


…this would be more my style!


Ain’t she sweet?

For more shiny bikes from all over the world, visit Sunday Stills.

PS Reports that the Cassis gendarmes are on the lookout for a strange woman who was seen photographing the best bikes in town are greatly exaggerated.

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