What Fresh Horror…

I actually managed to ride one of my horses last week.  It’s been very complicated recently, what with the LSH frantically trying to get everything ready for his forthcoming exhibition in Céreste and with visitors coming and going.

Flurry was my chosen victim the lucky horse I chose to ride.  I took him out of his paddock and led him across the road to the farm, admiring the neat lavender field and the distant Alps as we walked.  Then I noticed that he was going even slower than usual and it took me another moment to realise that I was feeling massive tension down the leadrope.  I looked at him.  His head was up, his ears were sharply pricked and he was goggle-eyed as he stared fixedly over my head.  What was wrong?

Then I saw them…


Two new Killer-Death-Donkeys-from-Hell.  Sigh.  Just when my horses have accepted that Grisou is not going to kill them, two more Long-Ears arrive.

They look innocent enough…


…and Flurry, to be fair, accepted them straight away once he realised what they were.  Aero, on the other hand…  It’s going to take a while for him to get used to the idea that there are now THREE donkeys on the farm, and that that they’re not all plotting to kill him.  It took him long enough to accept Grisou!

One of these guys has very impressive legs.  Can you see his stripes?


They’re a bit clearer in this photo :


Yes, he has zebra stripes on his legs.  Could he be a Zonkey?  I’d better not mention that possibility to Aero…

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