Sunday Stills – Backs of Things

I have an interesting assortment today, starting with motorbikes, believe it or not.  Not any old modern motorbike, though, but some very special vintage Puch mopeds from Holland, which are touring Provence with their owners at the moment.

DSC_0454Puch was an Austrian company.  I had a Puch bicycle when I was in college – it was referred to as “the puke bike.”  Classy!

Back view of bike and biker!


Back view of rear mudguard :


Then there was a butterfly.  I never manage to catch these little buggers with their wings open, unlike many blogging buddies who I greatly admire.  But this guy fitted neatly into this week’s SS category.


Finally, today we went to a nearby monastery, Ganagobie, on the recommendation of a friend – thanks, Stephen!  It’s a very special place which I will revisit and blog about properly.  Today, I took a few shots around the back of the 15th century church.

The back end of the church itself :


The logpile by the back gate :


A little to the right of the above door was this.  I’m not at all sure what it is.  It looks like an ancient gravestone, but it has a strange starfish symbol carved into it :


Finally, a solitary, unmarked grave just beside the back gate.


This is a very private monastery – they tolerate visitors, but they don’t interface with them at all.  I guess the monks know who is buried here.

For more rear views, visit Sunday Stills.

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