It’s that time again…

On and off, all night long, I could hear dogs baying and howling in the distance.

Unusual, I thought, but I did not think too hard about it.

This morning, it all became clear.

Shots were echoing all around the valley from before 8am.

Hunting season has arrived.  It’s going to be like this every Monday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday until January 12th.  Sigh.

The Small Brown Dog is very anxious and refuses to let me out of her sight, but she will get used to it – she did last year.

Image The reason for all the baying and howling at night is quite simple.  The hunting dogs are starved for a few days so that they will work better.  They will eat tonight.

4 thoughts on “It’s that time again…

  1. This is an annoying time of year here too. They start bow-hunting Oct. 1. Then it’s worth your life (and your horses) if you don’t wear orange vests or whatever. I know the hunters are already in the woods checking out trails and whatnot. Hang in there.


  2. Ugh – hunting season is around the corner here too. Just purchased the Posted: No Hunting signs to keep a small buffer around us.

    I have received your lovely gift – customs has nothing on our local post office, which routinely adds (at least) several days to any transaction. My apologies for not letting you know right away. I’ve been on a bit of a blog strike recently. ;D

    The lavender sachet smells soooo good. I can’t get lavender to grow well here… thinking it’s the excessive humidity? The accompanying photo is gorgeous as well. Thanks for sharing a bit of Provence with me.

    My plan is to (hopefully) get back to regular posting this evening. Once that obstacle is overcome – I’ll be paying forward my Creative Pay It Forward. Thanks again 😀


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