On the Move Again

As I write, Cinnamon is stretched out on the couch beside me


Cookie is curled up in what she deems to be an ideal dog bed –


Wait a minute, this seems a bit familiar!

Yes, it’s exactly one year since we arrived here in Provence and we’ve moved again.  This time, it’s only 8km down the road – not so bad!

The good things about the new house :

It’s got five bedrooms – FIVE!  That’s three more than the old house!  The LSH and I can take a room each as an office and we’ll still have two spare rooms.  The LSH will no longer have to SHUSH people if he’s taking a business call in his office on the mezzanine level and I will no longer have papers strewn across the living room!

It’s also got a Petit Chateau (that’s what the YD and Ash called their little summerhouse) so if Young People want to come for a prolonged visit again, it should be possible to give them their own space.


It’s in Céreste.  We’re within easy walking distance of shops, bars, restaurants and our friends.

It’s got a microwave, to heat up the ould cup of tea when it goes cold.

It’s got an enclosed garden.  For the first time ever, we’ll be able to let Cookie loose in the garden to run around every day.

It’s got a three year lease.

It’s not crammed with our landlord’s possessions, so it already feels much more “Ours” than Les Granons ever did.

It’s marginally cheaper than the house in Les G.

The bad things about the new house :

I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be as warm as the house in Les Granons, which has underfloor heating.  It’s got poxy little electric radiators and an open fireplace, but we’ll buy a paraffin heater or two to give it a boost during the cold weather.

It’s only got one bathroom – there may be occasions when there are queues.

It’s not as well-equipped as Les G, so we will end up buying some bits and pieces for it, cancelling out any benefit from cheaper rent.

Some of the internal decor is… um… well, dated is the kindest way to put it.  The word hideous may be putting it a little strongly but it does spring to mind from time to time.

It’s further away from the horses.

We’re still figuring out where to put things, so there is still a pile of boxes waiting to be unpacked, but we’re getting there.  It’s been a busy week.

Oh whoops, I forgot to mention, it’s got one of these :


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