My First Blogging Class

No, I was giving the class, not taking it!

I had five lovely, interested students at SpeakEasy in Forcalquier this evening.  Apart from the expected hiccups getting PCs to connect to the internet (why can’t everything be as easy as on a Mac?) the class went really well.  I had been hoping to cover creating a blog in both WordPress and Blogger, but we only covered Blogger.


Everyone made their very first blog post, saved it, re-edited it and included a picture.  They were shocked to be given homework but hey, we’re on a tight schedule – I’ve only got three hours to get these guys comfortable about blogging.


Next class is on Thursday night.  We’re going to cover “Making my blog look pretty” and “Generating traffic to my blog” which means we also have to touch on Facebook and Twitter.

Eeek!  A lot to do….

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