Bless you Flurry…

…for I have missed you.  It’s been two weeks since our last hack!  Our penance was to join Alexandrine, Max and Valentine on a short loop.  Actually, no.  That wasn’t a penance at all!!

Out through the woods at the back of the farm…


and along the ridge that looks over the valley towards Sainte-Croix-à-Lauze.


There were loads and loads of gigantic puddles after all the torrential rain we’ve been having.  Puddles are a rarity here and are a great opportunity to wash muck off hooves.


We crossed the road and went down through the woods to take a look at the (usually dry) stream that runs below Flurry & Aero’s paddock.  It had a little water, not much.  I didn’t take any photos there because Somebody was remembering he hadn’t been ridden for two weeks and was now heading home after a very short hack.  There was a wee bit of head shaking going on as we slid down the steep hill towards the stream.  Nope, my iPhone had to stay in my pocket at that point!

Then we climbed up the hill on the other side and said hello to MoMo and Aero as we passed.


Back on to the road for 50 metres or so, lavender field beside us and the Alps in the distance.


This evening, there was one of these in the sky behind the house.  I’m sure there’s a name for this – does anyone know?


For anyone who’s wondering why I’m taking photos with my iPhone, my little camera ♥ had a mishap.  People with good memories will remember that I put the old one in the washing machine by accident.  This one had an entire mug of tea spilled over it.  It’s still working, but the lens cover doesn’t close fully anymore so I can’t stuff it in my pocket or I’ll scratch the lens.



12 thoughts on “Bless you Flurry…

  1. Oh what fun! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with a naughty horse on the way home. Ah Flurry, you rapscallion!
    I see you’ve got someone along for the hack–the chestnut–wish I was brave enough to try that, maybe on a hot summer day. 🙂


  2. Hack… a new word for a crusty American living in Provence.
    Don’t fret about the camera. Obviously the IPhone is doing beautifully and easy to manage.
    Be careful mine went falling off a bridge in caverns in Utah. I leaned over and watched the red light blinking and disappeared into the depths. The forest rangers miraculously fished it out. It was too late resuscitation failed.
    Most embarrassing was the phone that drowned in the toilet. They aren’t insured for toilet damage.
    Lovely photo of the sun…


  3. Looks like a lovely ride!

    There was a moon halo here the other night… Is that last picture from daytime? Sometimes there’s a circle around the sun towards sunset, with a small rainbow on either side – we call those sun dogs… something to do with cold air and ice crystals in the upper atmosphere?


  4. I know! I know! I’m the one jumping up and down with her hand waving wildly…pick me! I DO know the ‘name’ of that atmospheric phenomenon. It’s a ‘halo’…actually, more precisely, a “22 degree halo”. It’s caused by sunlight being refracted through (warning-heavy duty science here) columnar ice crystals spreading out at the base of the stratosphere. You only see it when the sky is absolutely clean, and usually, very cold.

    By the way-your chestnut in the he just along for the hack, or do you stop somewhere in the middle of your ride and switch horses?


    • Brilliant thank you! I knew someone would enlighten me 😀
      The moon was doing the same thing later on that night. It wasn’t very cold, but hey I’m not going to argue with you!

      As for the chestnut, Valentine, she was just along for the hack. Alexandrine exercises two in one go. It’s something I’ve been threatening to do for ages…


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