Well Impressed…

…with my healing powers,


…given that I looked like this ten days ago :


One of my initial reactions to my injuries (besides ‘OW!’ and ‘SH*TE!’) was that I was going to look a sight when we visited Paris the following weekend.  I’m happy to say that the cut on my lip looked no worse than a cold sore and the bruising on my chin was only noticeable in bright light.

The inside of my lip is still a bit swollen and annoying, but at least I can eat and drink normally now, without slurping and dribbling.  My left hip/pelvis feels blocked and I think I will have to see an osteopath to sort it out, but all in all I got off very lightly.

MC is pretty sure she has a broken rib and she’s still taking it easy.  No riding and gentle yoga stretches every day.  She’s much more disciplined than me, I only manage every second day at best!

Tails from Paris coming soon.

8 thoughts on “Well Impressed…

    • No special creams, I washed it with iodine a couple of times the first 2 or 3 days. I rinsed with a mouthwash and dribbled it slowly out over my cut lip 3 times a day.
      I did take arnica homeopathic tablets. I swear by them. Normally I’d use the cream too but you can’t use it if the skin is broken.


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