I don’t normally do this…

…so I hope you’ll forgive me.  It’s a plea to lend your ears and then decide if you want to help a group of lovely, hard-working, dedicated young people in their journey along the road to musical success.

My youngest daughter Tansy and her band Nothing New Under the Sun have been recording their EP Smalltown Rain for the last week.  (She tells me it’s sounding great!  I can’t wait to hear it because I’ve haven’t managed to be in Cork for one of their performances yet.)  They’re running a Fundit campaign to try to raise money to help defray the publication, distribution and PR costs – they’ve covered all the other costs to date themselves.

Have a look at their video, they even perform one of their songs on it.

If you like it, could you please share their campaign on Facebook or Twitter (or both!)?  They’re currently running a giveaway draw on their Facebook page – if you like and share their post about the Fundit campaign, you’ll be put into a draw for 2 tickets to the launch gig AND a copy of the EP.  Sure you can’t lose… click HERE to go to their Facebook page.

If you LOVE it could you see your way towards making a small donation?  They could be famous one day and you’ll be able to say you helped start them off!

Click on this photo to visit the Nothing New Under the Sun Fundit page

Click on this photo to visit the Nothing New Under the Sun Fundit page

I’m also proud to say that the YD is now following in my footsteps through the Bloggosphere and is keeping a blog for the band – you’ll find it here on their website, along with more photos and info about the band members.

Thanks for reading!

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