I’ve been falling off the bloggo-sphere recently.  (You may have noticed.)

It’s not that I haven’t been doing anything.  (I’ve been doing LOADS!)

It’s just that my blog posts were all starting to feel the same.  Schooled Flurry.  Did some hoof care.  Back is a bit dodgy so  just did groundwork with Aero. Went to two-day clinic with French Natural Horsemanship trainer (sorry, yeah, that was quite different, must get around to writing it up.)  Hacked Flurry… rode Aero in arena for half an hour… took both horses out for a hack… might do a dressage competition some day soon… yada yada yada…

Surely this stuff is starting to get boring by now?

Part of me (the guilty Irish Catholic part) feels like I should now say “Bless me wordpress for I haven’t blogged, it’s been two and a half weeks since my last post” but I’m not going to.  Instead, I’m going to say

a) how surprised I was that it’s Blogger of the Year Awards time again over at HayNet


b) somehow or other, I have once again been nominated as a finalist


c) this has been just the kick up the ass push I needed to get me tapping the keys once again.

So a huge thank you to the crew at HayNet who still seem to think that this stuff I churn out is not boring. Over the next few days, you can look forward to reading about that aforementioned two day clinic, a 20km trek and this weekend’s dressage competition, plus general bits and pieces about the horses, the dogs and life in general.

If you’re looking for more horsey reading material and you’re not a member of HayNet (WHY NOT?  It’s free!) here’s the list of finalists as posted on HayNet last week.

A Filly’s Best Friend

Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy

Anna Blake Blog

Classic Equine Equipment

Gee Gee and Me

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LB Equestrian

My Shetland

Rodney’s Saga

Roosa’s Horsey Life

The Dressage Tipster

It’s a brilliant mix of blogs, some educational and some personal, in all spheres of equestrianism.  I’m really honoured to be included this year.

Finally, a gentle request to my readers : if you’ve got nothing better to do, maybe you could click on this link here and go and vote for Tails From Provence?  I think you can vote more than once, so remember – VOTE EARLY, VOTE OFTEN!!


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