And the winner is….

Names were carefully written onto three large(!!) post-it sheets, cut out and rolled up using the sticky part of the post-it to seal them.  Then they were put into a hat (a riding hat, of course), given a little shake, and our celebrity (the LSH) performed the draw while being watched by the independent observer (Rosie).  Some people had as many as five entries, some as few as one.

And the winner is…

Becky from the wonderful Kicking On!  Congratulations to Becky (hooray!) and hard to luck to all the disappointed entrants (awww…)

Send me your home address via email, Becky (tailsfromprovence at gmail dot com) and your WEG 2014 stamps will be winging their way towards you for Christmas.

DSC_2099Thanks to all who voted for me in the HayNet Blogger of the Year Awards.  Results will be announced tomorrow, 10th Dec.  There were thousands of votes, apparently.  Best of luck to all entrants and huge thanks to HayNet for hosting this now-annual event.


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