A Goal

It turns out that I’m a person who needs goals and deadlines – quelle surprise!  In early January, while others all around were stating their objectives for the year, I had a secret goal which did not happen due to my unexpected trip to Ireland.  The weather here didn’t help matters, either, but anyway, I deferred my goal and, in order to make me more likely to actually DO IT, I’m going public on it here.

My goal for February is to enter two Interdressage competitions with Aero.  One is ‘Baroque Dressage’, in which I plan to do a walk/trot test, riding in the rope halter.  The other is ‘Practical Horsemanship’ which is done in-hand.  Well, I want to make it more interesting, so I’m going to do it with Aero at liberty.  I’ve been saying how good he is at liberty – well, now it’s time to prove it.

I’m hoping to get the LSH to video the Practical Horsemanship test this weekend, and Aero and I are practising hard.


The umbrella will be NOOOOOO problem, although the horses in the paddock fifty metres away went hysterical when I first opened it.

We also practised his new trick :


Apologies for the crappy photo – his front feet are on the mounting block

He’s still not sure about it and it took a few minutes.  Flurry is much more confident with this than Aero!

Finally, to all who are concerned, I’m happy to say that Mr Aero is still cough-free, although a little snotty.


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