If you fill it, they will come…

I became very diligent about keeping the bird feeder stocked up during the cold spell. My efforts were rewarded and we now have a large flock of visitors every day.  We are both enjoying watching them and I’ve seen four new (to me) species – Hawfinch, Blackcap, crested tit and nuthatch.  I took some photos with my little camera which are ok-ish, and the LSH got some nice pictures with his posh camera.

The nuthatch was particularly camera shy for a long time, so I’ve included several of pictures of him, just because he was hard to get.  And he’s cute.

If I was a twitcher, they would be ticked off my list now, but I just enjoy them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also have chaffinches, greenfinches, great tits and coal tits.

The blackcap as pictured in the slideshow above is a normal bird shape.  He is a voracious feeder and now has roughly the same dimensions as a bumble bee.  I’m not sure he’s going to be able to fly for much longer…

Thanks, LSH, for the photos.

12 thoughts on “If you fill it, they will come…

  1. I love the activity of the birds coming and going. Unfortunately, many neighborhood cats visit my garden now to sit, gazing longingly up at the birds. They have also taken to bullying my poor cat. She’s afraid to go out much now so I’m considering closing down the restaurant:(
    Lovely photos, as usual.


  2. Lovely! Nice to see some of your European birds and compare them to their North American kin. We’ve had such a hard winter, I’ve tried to keep the feeders full, but need to wear my snowshoes to get to them! Yesterday, saw a pair of Eastern Bluebirds–so beautiful and they make me think of spring and green fields!


    • He is jaunty and very handsome. His plumage is becoming brighter and brighter with spring setting in. A Twitcher is a bird watching nerd. Anoraks, binoculars, telescope, bird guide, notebook and pencil (my brother and his wife!)


  3. Aw, they’re very cute! We don’t put out a feeder, but it’s currently migration time for many birds, and we’re right in the migration path. I enjoy seeing our seasonal visitors very much!


    • Cool! The first year we were here, we saw swallows migrating from our balcony. And I witnessed a massive butterfly migration about five years ago. Nature is amazing.


  4. They are pretty. I just came in from feeding my birds too. They needed some help this year with all the snow. The crows, cardinals and doves are some of my favorites. Now if the squirrels would stop hogging some of their food I wouldn’t have to put as much out. But then again they have to eat too.

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