The Final Score

The day after the Interdressage results went live, I received my score sheet by email.  I have to say, I’ve never been on the receiving end of such positive, encouraging comments on a score sheet before.  Sure, I know what it’s like for a harassed dressage judge at a show (I’ve written for enough of them!) with thirty seconds between tests to come up with collective marks and still find something helpful to say to each competitor in a class of thirty, but still…

You’ll see what I mean.  And yes, she spotted his ‘tardiness’ when being led from the right!  I should have known I wouldn’t get away with that 😀

As a final note, how would any of my online and blogging buddies feel about a virtual trip to the Interdressage show in April?  Express interest in the comments section… but I will bring it up again in the near future anyway.

Click here to see our scoresheet.


4 thoughts on “The Final Score

  1. I would like to participate even though I’m not a true dressage rider. I can borrow a saddle and give it a go. And how gratifying it must be to receive such praise on your relationship with Aero! Kudos to you both.


    • Are you jumping Knight yet, Susan? Could you do a low course of six fences? Look at the current schedule (March) class 7A and 7B. Not trying to put you off dressage mind you. Sometimes it’s good to be pushed outside of our comfort zone.


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