More butts. I finally get mine back in the saddle

The last last time I rode was February 19th.  I rode Aero for about half an hour.  I had been doing yoga twice a week and I felt great riding him – straight, balanced and strong.  YES!

The next day, I made the video to enter the Practical Horsemanship class on the Interdressage site.  If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll remember that I put my back out just before we started.  It felt like a normal back ‘twang’ but the next day I was in a lot of pain, both in my lower abdomen and in my back.  It got worse instead of better.  Fearing a kidney infection, I went to the Doctor (when I finally found one who wasn’t on holiday.  French medics don’t seem to believe in locums.  ’nuff said).  I’m not going to go into all the boring details, but I’ve had an unpleasant couple of weeks.  I’ve had several tests and investigations and nothing has showed up.  Which is good, right?  But ultimately frustrating when I still have pain and no explanation.

The weather has been just lovely.  I really wanted to ride.  Today was the day.  Even though I’m not quite right, I was determined to get my ass back in the saddle.

But first, I had a very muddy cob to groom.


Doesn’t look too bad, right?


But the mud is Flurry coloured so you don’t see the clods until you go in close…


I didn’t ride for very long – fifteen minutes, maybe.  But I felt ok.  Hopefully I’ll do more tomorrow.

And Aero’s cough?  He hasn’t coughed since we started soaking his hay – hooray!  Our normal vet finally got here today, too.  Current thinking is that it is indeed a dust allergy.  I’m to continue soaking his hay and MAYBE, just maybe, try him on the new season hay when it’s ready.

So we have several months of hay-soaking ahead of us.  Worse still, Aero can’t stay where he is on his own, so he will have to go back to the big paddock with Flurry.  Which means I will also have to soak Flurry’s hay, otherwise there is a chance that Aero will eat it.  Back to Pain-in-the-Butt territory.

But I’m not going to be all Doom-and-Gloomy, I have some of super-exciting things coming up on the blog!  I can’t wait to start telling you all about them, but I have to keep quiet for another little while!

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