I didn’t expect that!

Lets all go to a horseshow

Look what arrived in the post today!

I really didn’t expect a rosette for being third of three, so it was a lovely surprise!  And it’s a really nice rosette, too – big, three tiers, with long tails (can you tell I’ve ordered a few rosettes in my time?).

Thank you, Interdressage.

And I reiterate :

Let’s go to to the Interdressage horseshow in April.  Has anyone looked at the schedule or thought about what they might do?

PS I have an Equifeel competition with Aero tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

13 thoughts on “I didn’t expect that!

  1. Congratulations! I’ve never won a ribbon in my life. The one and only dressage test I did started out well until I asked for a trot…and got a buck instead. That blew my already frazzled mind to bits. The judges bell might as well have been ringing continuously for all the errors I did. A friend of mine asked, did I want her to read the second go round? Yes, please..but she may as have been speaking Urdu. I screwed up both tests.
    But it’s funny. It makes for a funny story about me, and in the end, it matters not whether I won anything or not. I learned that I don’t handle show ring stress very well.

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    • I thought you were a spammer when I saw the new name…
      Anyway – yeah we all handle stress and horse shows differently. I go on and on and on about how it’s “just for fun” and “not serious” beforehand and then I turn into a monster raving competitive lunatic when I get to the show grounds. And then start to feel ill. Very, very ill.


    • I am determined to do a ridden test with Aero… my plan is to see how we go this week and maybe enter a W/T test for March and aim for a W/T/C test in April but I ain’t putting any pressure on myself 🙂
      And then maybe I’ll do in-hand stuff with the little fuzzball… we need to work on it


  2. There is no money for lessons, clinics or traveling for Val and I in the near future. We’re building our house finally. Interdressage looks like it could be a way to challenge ourselves and set some goals. (that ribbon is nice incentive too ;D) Contemplating a practical horsemanship test. Which one did you do? I thought the test was in your post but now I can’t find it…

    Will need a few days (probably til next weekend) to school a bit and see where we’re at. Feel free to hound me if you don’t hear back by then.

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