Let’s all go to a Horseshow 2

Well, April was the nominated month for doing an on-line horseshow.  (See Let’s all go to a Horseshow)

Circumstances are conspiring against me.  I’ve had to stay in Ireland an extra week, leaving me with a bare six days to cobble something together when I get home on Friday night.  I’m still going to go for it, though.  I reckon I should be able to do Class 8B (Practical Horsemanship, see test here) easily enough with Aero.  My plan is to video it as soon as I can, so I have something ready.

Then I’ll work on  a ridden  test.  Given the amount of riding that I haven’t been doing, I will probably be a wimp and stick to a Walk/Trot test, although that was never my intention.  Not sure which one yet – Baroque or Bog-Standard?  Which reminds me – I must send a message to Trudy Dempsey to ask what exactly is the difference between the two.

Is anyone else still in?  Or has my lack of ‘pushing’ allowed you all to fall by the wayside?

Check out Interdressage April Schedule if you think you could be persuaded.  Lot’s of these lovelies on offer :

Lets all go to a horseshow


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