Let’s all go to a Horseshow – Part 4

Well, I did it, even if no-one else did!

I had two days of preparation and then I managed to find a nice friend to record the two Interdressage tests for me (thanks, Stephen).  The videos were far from perfect.  I think my cameraman swears at one stage, his camera was making weird noises and, in the ridden test, it’s doing something funky to Aero’s moving legs.  The horsemanship was also far from perfect.  In the Practical Horsemanship test, Aero fails to trot when asked – the poor guy found it a bit weird to be trotting just as he was going into a corner.  I think he wasn’t sure where he was meant to go.  He also had a classic ‘Aero’ moment while weaving through the cones :

“Ooh look!  A cone!  I will see if I can push it over teeheehee!”

I felt the Baroque ridden test was just so-so.  Could have done better.  But we were down to the last day before videos could be submitted, and I knew for sure that Aero had had enough of those two particular tests, so I said I’d go with what I had.

And, much to my amazement, we came third in each one!  Out of more than three!  Here’s the interdressage home page, we were in classes five and eight.

And here are the videos.

Practical horsemanship test 5, performed at liberty :

Fundamental Walk-Trot test 2, performed bitless :

I’m looking forward to getting my comment sheets!  I’m also looking forward to participating in May, especially this one :

Class 7 B–All Round Horsemanship- to be executed ridden,
in hand, on the lunge or long reins. 


Your show MUST include:
Movements that demonstrate your skills such as:
Walk and trot on both reins.
Turns on the forehand.
Turns on the haunches.
Rein back.
Lunging over a fence. etc.

Marks will be awarded for;
Turnout of rider.
Turnout of horse.
Correct application of aids
Horse and rider/ handler working in harmony.
Continuity of show.

Wondering if I can do this at liberty… email winging it’s way through the ether as I type.

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