I know I’ve gone on about the biting flies here a wee bit, but I finally managed to get a photo of one of the typical flies that chow down on Aero and Flurry.  (Read : I swatted one and didn’t crush it entirely.)

For comparison, here’s a photo of a cleg, the horsefly we normally see in the UK and Ireland.


Dainty little thing!

Many thanks to Martin Haswell of British Wildlife and BirdWatching blog for permission to use the above photo.


Now, I know I have a petite little female thumb, but still… you get the idea, yeah?

So maybe now you understand why I harp on about them a bit.

There is actually a larger species of taon around, but there are very few of them and I haven’t managed to kill any.  Yet.

And they’re a lot more common in Lamotte-Beuvron, where Le Championnat takes place.  Oh my poor Aero 😦

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