Hi Mum!

Aero!  AERO!!!  AEROOOOOO!!! Come here and sign the postcard!

Oh well, I’ll just do it myself.

Today we got to eat some grass! nom nom nom. Love, Flurry xxx

PS Sorry about the green drool on the kisses


Dear abandoning Mother

Why does Flurry always get the shady spot?

Regards, Aero


I don’t know what’s he’s talking about.

Love, Flurry zzz

PS See how clear the little heart shape on my shoulder is!  That’s cos I miss you!


Hold on, mother, I must address the staff –

For goodness sake, man, stop taking pictures and do up my belly guard!

Sheesh, good help is so hard to find

I drew a picture for you, mum.  It’s me.

/     \
o    o
|  |
|  |

Aero xxx

Thanks to the kind people who know I miss my boys and sent me photos.

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