Well, how would YOU feel?

You’re watching the European Championships and cheering your team on.  Your country’s qualification spot for the Olympics depends on a clear round and then this happens.

Honestly, how would you feel?

Me?  I feel frustrated.  Furious.  Cheated.  I can’t imagine how Cian O’Connor and his team-mates feel.

Yes, I’ll be the first to admit that our team as a whole have not performed to the best of their ability this week, but Good Luck was looking like a clear round – and he has not had many fences down since he arrived in O’Connor’s yard! This knock was crucial – the team missed out in Rio by less than half a point.

I have to admit to not having been a big fan of Cian O’Connor since the whole “Who’s taken the piss” incident in 2004, but this is sickening beyond belief.

I wish them luck with the appeal but I’m not holding my breath.

Who’s takin’ the piss now?


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