Installing LIVING IN FRANCE Version 2.0…


…please wait…




Our roof-box hasn’t had much to do for a couple of years now, so it had to be dusted off before it was attached to the Jeep.


Then everything was lined up, ready to be packed.DSCF1738For two people who have been carrying everything on their backs for four months, Tansy and Rowan suddenly seemed to have a LOT of stuff.  (To be fair, various bits and pieces have been brought from Ireland to France by the LSH and me as we returned from trips to Ireland).

Certain little Small Brown creatures don’t like to see bags and suitcases coming out.  They know it means that change is afoot.


The Jeep and roof-box were filled…DSCF1739 …leaving a dog-sized space…

DSCF1745…which was later occupied by rugs and bedding.  Cookie ended up travelling at my feet.  The Hell-hound has to travel with us whenever possible.  Cinnamon and Rosie (the well-behaved dogs) went to stay with our good friends, Sprocket and Doodles.  Where SOMEONE (possibly small and brown) pooped and pee’d on their first night, deeming them less well-behaved than originally believed.  Sorry, guys.

Anyway, the Jeep squeezed out under the archway over our gate early the next morning (I’m not kidding.  It was close).  Several hours later, the LSH was ooh-ing and ash-ing as we drove into the Chamonix valley.  He took all the rest of the photos in this post.  Lucky me, having such a good photographer by my side 😀


First glimpse of Mont Blanc. It’s mostly hidden by the mountain in front. The teeny bit sticking up in the middle is actually Mont Blanc’s peak.


The Skyway leading from Passy to Chamonix


Driving into the valley. It had snowed since Tansy and I were here ten days before.


Approaching the village of Les Houches, where LIVING IN FRANCE V2.0 was to be installed


The view from the gate of their apartment


The view from their front door

The apartment was FREEZING.  It has underfloor heating, which takes at least a day to warm up.  Once everything was inside, we lit the paraffin heater to boost the temperature but, even so, it was quite cool on the first night.  It did warm up, though.  On the second day, we were sitting around in t-shirts.


Sunset reflected on the Aiguille de Midi


Looking east towards Chamonix, over the village of Les Houches


A cute little town, non?


The Kitsch Inn, where Tansy will be working. If you or anyone you know is going to Chamonix this winter, pop in and say hi!

The LSH and I stayed two nights and left early on Wednesday morning.  We’ll be back soon though.  We’re heading back on the 29th for a week, to see in 2016 with our daughters and their boyfriends.  We’re all really looking forward to it.


Le Prarion, at the western end of Les Houches, where we will be staying for New Years


Installation complete.

Be happy, Tansy and Rowan. ❤ ❤

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