(Belated) Hello 2016


Christmas passed quickly.

There was a tree and gifts.

Dogs wore pretty bows.

Horses wore silly hats.

Friends came for turkey dinner on Christmas day.

I did the horses for Alexandrine all week so that she could take a break.

Then, on the 29th, it was time to go to the Chamonix valley to spend a week with our daughters and their boyfriends.  Woohoo!

The weather was a bit grey and there wasn’t much snow at first but that didn’t stop us from having fun.  We took the ski lift at Le Prarion up to the top, where there was enough snow for the girls to practice falling over snowboarding.

Tansy and Rowan are now both gainfully employed at The Kitsch Inn, and they were both working on New Year’s Eve, so that’s where we went so see in 2016.  It was a fun night, with excellent food and a party afterwards.  The following day, everyone (I’m looking at you, Aideen) was too hungover to do very much so we had a quiet day.  And on the second of January, the snow arrived, cloaking everything in white, and giving me an excuse to wear my lovely new snow boots

These are much too cute and furry to ever be 'horsed'

These are much too cute and fluffy to ever be ‘horsed’

We took the cable car up to the top of the Aiguille de Midi.  Fun fact – it’s called the Aiguille de Midi because at noon (midi in French), if you stand with your back to the main door of the church in Chamonix, the sun is directly over the Aiguille de Midi.  (Aiguille being French for needle, by the way).  And I bet you thought it was because it’s the ‘midi’ of the three pointy bits that overlook Chamonix (like me).


Chamonix from the Aiguille de Midi

We had Cookie with us because it’s difficult to ask people to look after her when they know what she is truly like and it’s unfair to ask people to look after her if they don’t know what she is truly like.  This meant that we had several enjoyable walks through the snowy woods.

We had a special meal in the Kitsch Inn on our last night.  We were treated like royalty!


Of course we had Cookie with us, but she was very well-behaved (so long as she was tied on to someone’s foot).


Yummy food…


…and the best company.


The next day, we left Les Houches after breakfast to come home to the Luberon valley.  There was the usually mind-blowingly beautiful scenery en route.

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No, it never gets boring.


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